R&D Center

R&D center of BT-COS executes works on base of the customers' requirements, concentrating the front research job of our products fully;
The center gets rid of something traditional through the rich imagination, carrying out research innovatively;
In order to meet the research task in a very short time.
To avoid repeating improvement and discussion, so as to meet our customers various requirement. BT-COS research center realized the one set of development service for our customers by Banking system of formulation, concept and fragrance.
FBS ( Formula Banking System )
- By type: basic skin care, cleansers, color cosmetics, hair care, body care etc.;
- By function: moisturizing, functional, sunscreen, baby care, Feminine care etc,;
CBS ( Banking System )
- By effect: moisturizing, anti-wrinkle, whitening, anti-aging, elastic etc.;
-By source: Botanical, marine, animal, Bioscience etc.;
PBS (Perfume Banking System )
- Banking system of famous perfumes and raw materials
- Various series: Fresh, marine, flora, forest, botanical, Korean, fruity, musk
BT-COS has set R&D centers in both Korea and China. With the cooperation, we could manage the trends of new products, and provide customized plans in time.
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