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No. 660 Xingrong Road, Jiading District, Shanghai
Platform:City Road Xingwen Road
Bus: 7 Road Jiading, Jiading 8
Line: Road interchange Xingrong Road Town
Car / taxi
Address:No. 600 Wing Road Shanghai Jiadingxing
Line: Shen along the high-speed / G15 / Shanghai-Jiading Expressway / A12 exit
Turn left onto / New Po / Po highway money / City Road, turn left into Xingrong road that is.
Light Rail
Line:Metro Line 11 in Jiading North station
Orientation: Jiading North Station take the 7 bus to City Road Xingwen Road
Honor and walked to the road and turn left
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Address:No. 660 Xingrong Road, Jiading District, Shanghai Technical
Support:Shanghai Yi Create Station
Shanghai ICP No. 13029340