Company introduction

BT-COS is a cosmetic manufacturing company which produces basic, color and functional cosmetics, with production chain of BB cushion chain, injector production line, which makes producing all kinds of products possible.
Basic product 150mil
Color product 30mil
Samples: 120mil (including aluminum foils)
Pure water equipment
Purify equipment of BT-COS is consist of RO and EDI system which can be used timely,the equipment adopts pharmaceutical standard;
Mixing shop used stage design, the production efficiency is 2-3 times than that of flat design structure;
Semi-product storage All semi-product is stored in stainless steel vessels which may avoid any possible pollution during the storage pollution.
Filling Room
The filling shop is consisting of vessel supply area, filling area, packing area which avoid cross pollution during the filling process;
All goods should unpacked before being moved into the vessels supply area, and being moved into plastic vessels to avoid dust pollution from the beginning of process;
Floor of filling area and packing area is used china material which is used in semiconductor plant, which easy to keep clean and less pollution;
Packing Equipment
Auto equipment ( skin care ) Since filling and packing equipment of basic product is fully automatically,
which ensures the company can put a few workers in the chain, and reduce the non-good rate and production waste max.
At the same time, because of the professional FMS and PFS system, which maximizes the production efficiency and safety. ( FMS : Flexible Manufacturing System, PFS : Person Flexible System )
Auto filling system of Lip-stick
Auto filling equipment of BB cushion;
Reduce non-good rate and increase products image through our special and self-designed device;
Auto filling equipment of injector products
Self owned proprietary equipment ensures the differentiation production according to different types of products.(Female lotion)
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