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Job description:

  • 1、Responsible for the formulation and process development for all makeup products, with the company's new products to market
  • 2、Selected responsible for raw materials supplier development, safety and efficacy to determine, process development, test production to ensure new listing schedule.
  • 3、Understand consumer demand, new product development ideas, gather market information and mastery of technology trends.
  • 4、Responsible for the outsourced product development technology management, to participate in technical discussions, and to develop acceptance criteria.
  • 5、Resolve technical questions, provide technical support for the factory.
  • 6、Manage product development team, improve team technical capabilities, training for personnel


  • 1、Bachelor degree or above, chemical, fine chemical related professional
  • 2、Familiar material and product features, good formula and process development, master the basic theory of the skin
  • 3、Ability to innovate, to understand the development trend of the industry, raw material utilization and new technological developments, see the factory production process
  • 4、Independent research and development capabilities, strong leadership, organization and coordination.
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